About newsXpress

newsXpress is a marketing group for newsagents who want to transition from the old-style traditional newsagency to something more relevant to today.

We provide access to a wonderful suite of preferred suppliers who offer awesome deals and product insights as well as access to products you don't usually find in a newsagency.

newsXpress provides in-store advice through a regular local visit program and support plus training to help you and your team members run a more successful and enjoyable business. Plus, we offer regional member meetings and a national conference.

From TV to social media, newsXpress promotes member businesses actively and creatively, using unique products to find shoppers who may not usually shop in a newsagency.

newsXpress welcomes businesses in the city or country, on the high street or in shopping centres.

We are a transparent group of like-minded people who believe in local small business retail.

Find out more: help@newsxpress.com.au