In anticipation, we have put together this list of what we think will be frequently asked questions.

Do you ship outside Australia?

I do not have a business, can I buy from you?

I received product damaged.
Please take a photo of this and the outer packaging and email it to us and we will get back to you quickly.

Where can I see your products.
Our warehouse is in hawthorn Victoria. We’d be happy to meet you there so you can see the products.

Are the Hallmark products sourced from Hallmark?
Yes, we buy direct from Hallmark in the US.

Do you hold backorders?

Do you offer a trading account?
Not at this stage. We’d prefer to help you save money rather than building the cost of trading accounts into our pricing. Since we offer Oxipay on the website you can pay for the items over time, for no extra cost.

How will you protect me against competitors?
We will do our best. As we approve new accounts we check their location and seek to not allocate new accounts too close to each other.

Is there any other way I can order?
No. The website is the only way.

How often do you ship?
We ship Monday to Friday.

Can I talk to someone?
Sure. Call us on 03 9524 8080 or email us with a number and we will call back. To keep costs low we run lean.